Will I ride It??

Hey there. I have been thinking of replacing my 96 Dualsported XR600 for a while with a new 650R. The thing is I never ride the 600 anymore as I have a 525EXC that I ride on the trails. The 600 just is not that much fun on the road. It always seems too small and slow. Is the 650R that much better to have as a dual sport?? Thanks for the help. :)

It was around 1990 I got my first XR600. It was my introduction to trail riding up here in N Mi. I rode that one and another one over the next 8 years. I modified those bikes every way I could to try to get more power and improve the handling. It was a frustrating exercise in that I never got the bike fast enough or solved the handling quirks.

The way I fixed those bikes was to remove the license plate and put it on a WR400. I wore out two of those, (great bikes), playing in the woods up here but the problem with the WR bikes for me was trying to travel with them. They were just too small. So - one day at the local Honda shop I looked at the BRP and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse, ($4050 OTD!!). After taking the bike home and uncorking it we went for the first ride. It was funny, I was grinning ear to ear, It was my old XR600's only this bike worked! It was everything the the 600 couldn't be.

Now "Bang Bang Betty" and me are starting our third season up here in dual sport heaven and she is special. A great dual sport and amazing in the woods. If you worship at the altar of horsepower as I do, it is the best choice for the money.

Thanks for the reply. About how much does the power up kit for one of these run?

The full kit cost close to a grand. You can skip the piston and cam and simply uncork it for about $150. You can even take the cheaper route and use a 2" hole saw on your tailpipe. If you want max power, the full kit is the way to go.

The basic power up kit is a derestricted intake manifold, carb jetting and needle. You need to unplug the airbox and drill out the end of the muffler. A lot of riders just cut the restriction out of the intake, and many don't change the needle. So really, you could do it all for the price of the jets.

The competition power up kit consist of a high compression piston, cam, cam chain, and jetting. This kit needs to be used with a header and other mods to take advantage of its true potential. For dual sport use it isn't necessary, just unplugged this bike flat rips.

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