Head gasket or not?

After i got to work today and let the bike sit for a couple hours i noticed it was leaking something outta the rad. overflow tube, ( the tube that comes down on the left side of the motor up front if your sitting on the bike) It looked like a milky whiteish/tan fluid. Looked like i could see a little bit of anti-freeze in there, which is normal. There wasnt a whole lot there, just enough to get on the skidplate but not enough to really drip off.

I took the bike for lunch and when i got back i checked it after it was parked for like 2 hours and there wasnt a single drop on the skid plate. But after i rode it home from work ( bout half our ride of slow roads, no highway) and let it sit the skid plate had that crap all over it again??? WTH could be the problem

Also it seems like the clutch gets a little more grabby than usual. That only happens when i get stuck at a light longer than usual and i have the clutch pulled in with it in gear. But if i put it in neutral and leave the clutch out then its fine when i pull out.

I changed the oil prob less than 10 hours ago with mobil1 10-40 full syn. I checked it a couple diff. times today and the oil looks like it just came outta the jug with 0 hours on it, not milky or anything at all. Also the anti-freeze looks completely normal and fine to me. So what do you all think could be the problem with my bike? is this normal? whats the first thing i should check with it? Thanks for all the input whyZE426:ride::smirk:

Sounds like a head gasket to me. Just starting to go bad. The frothy-white stuff is oil/water mix. It will float on the water and be the first stuff to come out. Depending on the nature of the leak you may not see it in your oil or it may steam out of your oil if it's not too much of a leak.

Hopefully not a cracked head or something worse. Inspect all when taking apart for head gasket change.

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