Red stick / Green sticker question?

Hello ever one. I have a friend with a 2003 wr 450. The First owner had it registered as a Green sticker then when the second owner went to get it registered it got a red sticker now my friend the third owner has it and it's a red sticker. Is A red sticker right? Can he get it changed to a green?



Yes it is a red sticker bike

No he cannot change it to a green sticker bike.

If he wanted to he could transfer all of his running gear and electrical over to an '05 frame but that'd be too expensive and impractical IMO.

Why the heck is it a red sticker?

Because it's newer than on 02 (02 and older all get green sticker) and the 03 & 04 don't have AIS added like the 05 which is a green sticker bike.

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