YZ426F maintenance experience (long)

Hello fellow thumpers- over the last week I have gone through my bike so I thought I'd share a few things I found. I took the swingarm apart and greased, took the forks off and serviced them, and greased the steering head bearings. As I have read in other posts, everything needed grease badly. My bike has 4 races on it and maybe 20 hours. The swingarm bearings weren't dry but nearly dry, the steering head had practically no grease in it so this is something I'll check regularly. I think this area gets pretty hot from the oil circulating in the frame so it probably gets melted out. I have read questions in other posts about fork oil in these bikes- the book specifies "suspension fluid 01", but so far I never saw a good answer what this was so I asked my dealer, he and his head mechanic told me to put 5wt suspension fluid in it. They said it was the same as 01 but much cheaper. I used Silkolene 5wt at $12 a litre. I also raised the level from the stock 130 to 100mm to make them a bit slower, and ofter one ride I see that it worked, now I'm looking at a few rides to get everything dialed back in (yahoo!). The rear suspension is noticably smoother after the lubing too. So to top it off, the steering heads needed grease the worst, the fork oil definately needed to be changed (lots of crud in the old oil) and I also noticed that several bolts and nuts weren't as tight as they should be. I regularly tighten all I can get to but some things are hard to get to without going in this deep. I hope this is useful to some of you...


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