oil for Honda 450 foreman


Its it really a big deal to use non energy efficent oil in these machines. Was told it can ruin clutches and soforth. Thank you

use any OIL THAT IS DESIGNED FOR MOTORCYCLES. all of those are wet clutch safe. never run car oil in your atv/bike. valvoline 10-w40 ATV is avalibal at any retail store.

the real key on oil is to change it often, fresh oil gives the best lubrication and best protection. oil that has turned black is burnt and no longer provides adiquet lubrication.

There are several reasons why you don't want to use "car" oil....not even in your car! This lays them out pretty well....


More good info....


If you are willing to pay for a synthetic....


It is pretty simple to just pick a motorcycle specific oil that is API SG/JASO MA....there are a bunch of them out there. Yes...they will be more expensive than SpiffyLube that you will get at WallyWorld, but they have a real anti-wear additive package and nothing that will make your clutch slip.

Personally, I run nothing but ester based synthetics in all my vehicles, so that means Redline or Maxima.

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i use castrol gtx, royal purple, or the honda oil from the honda shop

my bike is 5 years old and has 500 hours,2700 miles and the only things that were repaired on it was berrings,steering joints,and brakes.(knock on wood) those are parts that wear no matter what and have nothing to do with engine oil

my honda is bullet proof

id put in 10W-40 if i were u

We run castrol 10w40. My dads foreman has about 3000 miles with no problem with the oil, and my rancher at has about 5000 miles and about 650 hours, no oil related problems either. We change it about every 500 miles

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As far as oil weight, consult your owner's manual. The 450 is an old school air cooled engine with loose tolerances, so it will spec thicker oils...unlike tighter more modern engines like the Rancher 420 and 450R (Rancher specs 0W30 as a year-round, all-weather oil!).

While 10W40 makes a good summer oil in most of the country, don't neglect to switch to a lighter oil like maybe 5W30 for winter riding!

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