Motul Oil?????????

Hey guys GREAT SITE!! LOVE IT!!!

When I bought my 04 YZ450F the previous owner gave me a open liter of Motul E-Tech 100 Ester/PAO 10W40 4 stroke oil and two filters. He mentioned it was the best oil and the only type I should use.

I went to buy some today and only found Motul 7100 Ester 10w40 4T 4 stroke oil. Both are 100% synthetic but the new one that I bought is a red colour and the one the previous owner gave me is a yellowish green?? Did the manufacture change the colour or are these different oils? I put the 7100 in and need to add another 100ml, can I use the yellowish E-Tech oil?

What gives?? Any help for a newbie?



Oh well I didn't use that stuff I dumped it in the oil recycle drum and picked up some more 7100.

Which oil to use has been the topic of many heated debates on these forums. A quick topic search on oil should give you enough reading material to pass the winter. In my '04 I've been using Rotella and changing it about every 3 hrs with no problems. Hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy your '04 as much as I enjoy mine.

motul is great, but a full sint may be a litle expensive. I use to use a semi sint, mutul 5100, and it was great

I can't comment on the quality of the Motul oil but you are okay to mix 100cc in with the other oil.

I use Amsoil MCF full synthetic.

Motul is a high quality oil, perhaps not so common in states.

i like Motul and always ran it in my sportbikes. I run mobile1 in my dirtbikes but that is just because it is easier to find.

you can save a buck or two a quart on motul if you buy Kawasaki full synth- it is made by motul

edit: i have not bought this oil for almost two years so read the back of the bottle first

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