craked tank near the sub frame

I own a WR400'00 and all of a suddent a thin crack apeard near by the sub-frame under the bolt here goes the ruber bracket. Since the tanks are very similar( if not the same) to the YZ 400/426 I would like to know how many of you had the same problem, and in a few words, how did you fix it. I phoned the Yamaha and their answer was something like "were sorry, but, too bad..."

The point is, I can understand an engine failure, moving parts wearing out, electrical sistems burning out, but a plastic tank craking????!!!!!!!:smirk::excuseme::bonk: on a bike that mainly rode Supermoto, so not too many crashes, hits, vibrations.

and the price here in Portugal is over 890 dollars:crazy::foul::bonk:

thanks guys:thumbsup:

ps.: a bigger tank is out of the question!

Hate to say it but...even plastic has a life span. The bike is almost 10 years old. I know yamaha had some issues with tanks cracking even sooner. Forgot the years / models but it was around then?

Have you checked EBAY of aftermarket?

ive allready welded whith an hot iron. its working great.

I would only like the people who had the same problem to give a small post.

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