rear subframe replacement

I'm thinking about replacing the stock sub-frame with an aluminum one from a XR 400. Has anyone attempted this? I think the main concerns would be 1) airbox - which one do I use?, 2)seat mounting and 3)sideplates, need whichever ones go with the airbox used

What's wrong with the old one?

Mine was kind of bent and my tire rubbed the right side of the fender. Went to Home Depot and bought a 6' metal pry bar from the garden section. After about 2 hours it was back in shape with a few additional cracks. Local welder fixed them and stiffened it up a bit.

Boredom - nothing is wrong with the stock frame, but it would be nice to have easier access to the airbox and carb. Plus, I think it would just be cool to have a removable aluminum rear sub-frame.

That would be kind of cool. Post it up here If you figure out a way to do this. =) XCELR8 :)

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