carb slide and other

Here's a good one for you all to take in....check the slide in your carb often. There is a little metal piece on the engine side of the throttle valve on the 99 YZ400. It likes to crack and get sucked into the engine. This happend to me when I was 25 miles from my truck. I was fortunate enough to have mine come in half and wedge itself in the intake, therefore allowing for a 4000 rpm idle and a fun ride back. At least it didn't make it into the engine. Apparently I am not alone so please check yours...also frequently change your oil filter. I have only recently begun this ritual and you can't believe what you see in it.....

PS anybody ride in colorado?


Thanks for the heads up CoThumpin.

Was this something that was changed on the new FCR for 2000?

It seems I'd heard something about this but that new carb had different slide. Anyone?

I too found lots of "interesting" things in my oil filter when my bike was new but nothing notable has shown up since... knock wood.

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