Directions to Georgetown OHV?

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping one of you has directions to Georgetown/Mace Mill OHV from Vacaville? The web has crappy directions.



From the San Francisco Bay Area, take I-80 East to the Elm Avenue exit in Auburn. Note your odometer reading. It is approximately 6 miles to the town of Cool.

Exit at Elm Avenue and turn left (East) on Elm.

Turn left on Highway 49, which is also called High Street.

Follow Highway 49 out of down and down the hill to the American River.

Turn right and cross the American River, then continue up to the town of Cool.

Turn left at the stop sign for Highway 193 in Cool, and travel 18 miles (from Cool) to the main street in Georgetown.

Turn left at the stop sign for main street in Georgetown. This is Wentworth Springs Road.

Go 29 miles (from Georgetown) on Wentworth Springs Road to the turnoff for the Bald Mountain Staging Area.

Go right at the turnoff and travel for .4 miles to the staging area, which is on the right.


I read Staging area is at Mace Mill ????

Thanks buddy,


Mammoth Bar is closer and just as much fun...

Mammoth as fun as Georgetown??? :)

That's not what I have heard. :D

But really, I need these directions for the Fool's Gold Enduro on May 4th.


It look like it they are good directions up to wenstworth rd.Then it looks like we turn right on mace mill rd.By then we should see some markers.

I'm hoping to tech in on Sat.So i can call you and let you know how to get there that night. :)

Does Mammoth Have Camping ?

That would be a great spot for next years WCTT3 ?

No camping and it's only open like 3 days a week.I want to say Wed,Fri and Sunday.It is cool for a day trip but not a whole event.IMHO :D

:):D :D


:worthy:My bad :D:)


If we decide to move the TT Ride next year I highly recommend Stonyford. So far that place is the best I have been. I found a lake up there, bigger than Morning Star. It has many more trails and a bigger variety too. I know the place pretty well now and really feel it would suit us much better.

Anyway, we talk about that later.


Right on Bill :) that would be great if you could call on Friday night to give me more precise directions.


I have to agree STONEYFORD is the place to go! :)

A common complaint of the current location is the Ride is Not Central to Socal and Nevada.

We need to find a place that is compatiple in a few areas

1: Location - More Central to Calif / Nevada

2: MX minded or Persuasion

3: Woods Minded (Why Would anyone want Anyhting Else :) )

4: Camping / facilities / Showers / Toilets

5: RV Access

6: Large Group capabilities

I'll :) Stoneyford.

EGO - it's a West Coast get together not a California get together. :D

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