Handlle Bar Info-What are the in's and outs?

I've just bent the hell out of my stock bars (99 WR400F). Looking to replace them. Not sure about what to look for. I used to have a set of Renthal's on a XR. Liked'em O.K. Don't know if I need to order bars specifically for my bike (i.e., are throttle diameters all universal, will the bars I order fit my stock clamps) Obviously, if I order fat bars, I will need new clamps. 1st time purchasing bars, not sure what to do. Can I be confident walking into my local shop and picking out whatever bars they have in stock? :)

Tag bars definetly have held up without bending in some hard crashes. Just find out what type bend works best for your comfort

Im six foot and like the CR high bend

I guess I'm more worried about mouting the new bars with all of my stock hardware. I've got moose handguards, stock everything else. With what bars to I have to worry about ordering specifically for a 99 WR400? When will I have to change my triple clamp? :)

You wont have to change your triple clamp unless you want oversize bars. ie: Protaper, etc..

All handlebars are universal. (meaning they can go on any bike) You dont have to worry about them being bike specific.

If you buy a set of Std Renthal bars then all you need to do is remove your bark busters off your old bars along with all the stock hardware and put the new ones on. :)

just ask your dealer fo rthe Renthal 966 bend. You cannot go wrong. it is also known as the McGrath bend, the YZ bend etc... ask for the Renthal 966 bend :)

Thanks guys, I used to have a 96 xr250 "L", and I could almost bet that if I didn't order replacement parts specifically for that make and model of bike, they wouldn't come close to fitting. That experience has made me a puss when it comes to ordering aftermarket stuff.

I thought the bars were universal, just needing some reassurance. :)

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