Broken Clutch Basket

Well it finally broke. One of the fingers on the basket snapped off. HOPEFULLY nothing made it into the bottom end. (I shut it down as soon as I heard it.)

My question is: Has anyone actually went through the process of getting it replaced by YAMAHA? I've heard/read the baskets on the 2000 426's have been recalled. Do I need to take the basket to a dealer to be inspected? I know this is going to be a royal pain dealing with YAMAHA. So if anyone has gone through the recall process please let me know how it went. Thanks

found a source for affordable 426 baskets. $135US is the price.

STORMIN NORMAN'S RACING, Billet clutch baskets $125-$135, Basket wear

inserts $90 kit, includes machining (select models) call Norm at


I am also interested, my basket is already replaced with a Hinson, but I would like a spare. My basket is not broken but I think I have the early one with the square corners. thanks mike

Take your bike to the dealer with the clutch still installed. You may get better warranty coverage.

Took my basket (cracked) to the dealer,they called Yamaha and had me a new basket the same week.These are not recalled and they are doing it on a case by case basis.Tell them you know this from reading This helped in my case. Good luck

Performance Engeneering basket from $139.00 Includes shipping , Mine is working great!!

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