bigger gas tank for WR450

Has anyone here ever tried mounting the 3.9 gl Acerbis underseat tank on the wr450? They are originally made for the xr650 and am wondering how complicated it would be to mount on on the wr.

The next question is if anyone knows of a 6 gl tank for the wr450?

I am looking for about 10 gls of capacity. I need mad range and am hoping that something can be modified to work with the wr450.

What kind of race mileage are you guys getting out there with the 3 gl tank?

Any input is much appreciated.

Wow! A 10 galon tank! That is asking a lot. I am tring to get a 3.5 to 4 gallon tank to fit the WR450. So far no one makes on that is designed to work with it. I hate the idea of taking a 4 gallon XR650 tank and making it fit the WR450.

My street bike has a 4.5 gallon tank. I can't imagine a 10 gallon tank ever working on a WR450. :)

I know it sounds crazy, but I need a minimum range of about 225-240 miles. How closely does the Honda IMS tank fit with the WR? I can't imagine that they would be that diferent, but then again, one never knows.

I would look at designing 2 saddle bag gas tanks. Picture a small metal frame that allows you to put a 5 gallon plastic gasoline container on each side of the bike. That is your best bet. Then you can unbolt the frame when you dont need the 10 gallons to carry. I would try to bolt the frame to the seat bolts and number plate mounts. you need 4 bolt positions and support from the top of the seat. Forget about riding whoops or big rock terrain. Get the Dunlop D606 DOT tires with heavy tubes. :)


Their in lies the problem. This has to be a race worthy set-up. I going to be riding this bike in the Dakar Rally in Jan of 2004. It has to be able to hold up against 5000 miles of rocks, whoops and 100 mph desert racing. Has to hold up against just about anything and everything that the world can throw at it. I wonder when and if Acerbis would be willing to custom fit one for the WR's. It is about time that they start thinking of the blue machines once in while. Thanks for the input.

Wow! Paris to Dakar is an insane race! I love watching it. The bikes can even beat the cars in some years. I dont know how well the Yamaha wil hold up to that punishment. It just seems like the leaders all use 400 lb (wet) bikes with lots of guarding and wider rims and heavy duty wheels. I have no idea how much modification it will take but you may have a better chance starting with another bike. I love my Yamaha but I do not think it is tough enough for the Dakar. :)

I just received am IMS Tank for my '03 WR 450. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED! I have IMS Tanks on all my other bikes and all involve some type of compromise to retain slim ergos but still have enough fuel for Desert Racing.However, The WR 450 tank was unacceptable in my opinion, in fact I sent it back. My biggest complaint was that there is no Petcock on the Right side of the Tank. They chose to use a 90 degree metal elbow screwed directly into the plastic.Keep in mind, this metal elbow ends up being directly above the Headpipe, which as you know gets glowing orange hot at times. So the deal is,you cant shut the fuel off completely and based on the routing of the fuel lines recommended by IMS, I doubt that you would pull the last half Gallon out of the Tank either. I think the stock tank is 2.6 Gallons and the IMS tank is 3.1 Gallons. If I cant get the last half gallon out of the IMS tank, what's the point? I really hope someone (IMS too?) will come up with a decent design that will empty the Tank and not look like a Fire Hazard. One thing I must add: I bought my Tank through BRP. Once again I was pleased with the level of customer service that I got from them. They took the Tank back and refunded my money NO QUESTIONS ASKED. There was no "re-stocking" fee or any other B.S., only apologies from them that the product did not meet my expectations.There is a reason I promote BRP at the races and run thier stickers on my Bike- They stand behind what they sell. Any other opinions or input on other tanks would be appreciated.

Thanks CowboyBob,

I have not heard good things on the IMS 3.1 gallon tank and I feel I can carry a 1/2 gallon strapped to the fender or fanny pack. I need at least another useable gallon to make it worth buying. Thanks for your evaluation and recommendation for BRP. :)

Did you look at the Clarke tank? I am very happy with it, Im sure of the capicity, never came close to half empteying it even on 100 mile trail rides, average 2nd gear. The Clark comes with molded holes to mount the petcock on the left side but you have to drill the holes and fill the stock holes. As far as getting the last bit of gas out. I figure if I ever run dry Ill just tip the bike over to get the gas in the right side and hope I get to the gas point before it runs out. :)

Thanks for the input. As long as I can go 50 miles without stopping, I'll be fine. If you have never seen the Video, and I am not sure which one it is,there is footage of Ty Davis and I think Destry racing the final mile or so to the finish and Ty is leading till he stops and tips the bike over to get gas on the petcock side. Destry passes him for the win I think. The difference is, I don't hold the Throttle that far open like they do.I think 50 miles is reasonable for a WR 450 with a Stock Tank even with a 165 Main Jet.

Well it seems as though nobody ahs yet found a solution to long distance riding. I know the Dakar seems far-fetched for the WR, but it is a Yamaha sponsored deal so that is the only bike that really stands a chance for that race. There is a class that the WR's might fit into, but not sure yet. Anyhow if anyone out there has seen a WR with over 7 gallons fuel capacity let me know.

What kind of mileage do these bikes get in race conditions?

Thanks for all the input.

I would guess, including reserve, that 55-65 miles would be a good number for the WR. It really depends on the Main Jet and what kind of terrain you are on. Sand and hills will suck more gas, but you knew this already.By the way, I just got back from Cabo and after 2 weeks am finally over the effects of the trip in the digestive department. Enjoyed Tony's down by the Harbor for Shrimp Scampi and Squid Roe for cocktails and general crayziness.There was another place called "Bailar" or something like that- the highlight of the trip if you know what I mean.

Id be willing to bet you could get 50 Miles from one gallon of gas on the WR in higher gears, much less on 3.3 gallons.


I talked with the people at Clarke just this morning and they said maybe they will have their bigger tank in another couple of weeks, but I know it will be only 3 gallons or so. I know that this is not what you wanted but it's the best I can do.... Sorry


Get the biggest available tank, then for the rest of the required fuel make it as Indy_WR450 suggested. I believe there is no other way for the WR.

I wander did you tested WR fuel consummation on sand on race conditions? :)

Hey all. I appreciate the input. I think that I am going to try and hit up ACERBIS or IMS to see if they can come up with something. It appears that there is a big interest in larger tanks for this bike. Maybe they can even make a buck on it.

I will let you know how that goes. :)

If you need a tank with more than 4-5 gallons, I doubt you'll find it in the aftermarket. This fuel tank you need in giant capacity could be fabricated out of aluminum for about $400-$800 bucks. It would look how you want it too, and carry the capacity you need. As for how many mpg you could get, well, I have a 1990 DR650 with a 5.5 gallon tank, and I could get from 240-270 before reserve was hit. This bike was also geared pretty tall. I could hit 40-45mph in 1st, and could move at over 116mph in 5th.

ims makes a 4.6 gal tank for the drz. have one in my garage also have wr450 stay tuned

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