front wheel removal tool?

2001 WR426

How do you remove the front axle to change a tire?

I looks like you need a 3/4 inch female driver to do this.

Is there some Yamaha part for this that is suitable for a tool pack?

Or do you just wheelie back to camp?

If you are refering to the hex hole. I leave the shaft clamped on that end and losen the clamps on the nut side of the shaft. Now you can use a 22 mm socket to loosen the axle. Axle slides out and you can reinstall the same way just make sure you clamp the axle with the hex side flush in the clamps first. Now tioghten the axle and then clamp the nut side of the axle. You never need a ridiculously large hex tool this way. :)

You need no special tool.

Just loosen the nut on the rotor side, then loosen the pinch bolts and push it though from the rotor side.

Simple as that.


You are looking at the wrong end of the axle! All you need is a 8 inch crescent wrench to take off the axle nut on the left fork leg. That backwards hex thingy is just to keep the axle from turning inside of the right fork leg.

Good luck.


I use a spark plug socket with the six sided end for use with a wrench if a ratchet isn't handy. Once the Axle nut and pinch bolts are loose, just insert the hex end of the socket and rotate by hand while pulling slightly. Works like a charm!

Just did my first front end change earlier this week. I had a heck of a time getting the bolt off, it took a friend of mine to come over. Definitely use a 22mm socket. If you damage the bolt by having slips it may be very difficult and ugly.

Good luck :)

I am with you Pedman. Use the right tool for the job, ie. a 22mm socket, or at least a 22mm ring spanner.

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