Handguards for the WR 450

Anyone have any luck finding plastic handguards for the WR 450? Acerbis lists the same part number as the other late model Yamahas, however, the clutch switch interferes with the mounting of them.I do not want the big Aluminum or plastic wrap around jobbies, just the plastic "splash deflectors". GYTR guards do not fit, they are just Acerbis in a different Bag. Acerbis stated that they will not be releasing a revised design for the WR and still claim that the ones they offer fit. The person I spoke to advised me to get a "mounting kit" for my bike but could not find one in the catalog, probably because with this type of guard it is not needed and does not exist!Any help would be appreciated. My Knuckles offer their thanks!

Not sure if of all of the differences, I have a 426 and Acerbis on my bars. I did do a bit of bend and tweaking to get good protection and did it without compromising the clutch lever. Yes, I have the ones with the aluminum. I hope this helps :)

I am using the Cyra handgaurds. They are the same ones for a YZ or WR from 1999 to 2002. The only differance is that I use a zip ty in place of the screw and spacer that comes with them to hold the hand gaurd in place where the clutch switch is. If you need me to I can e-mail you pictures.


go with cycra. Quality is second to none and they can provide any help you need on the install.

I have an 03 WR250, but the clutch is the same. I tried to mount mine and had to do some trimming. I stopped trimming however because to make them fit, the area I had to cut will become so weak, the clutch guard will probably snap off on the first hit. I'm mailing mine back. I think it's pretty $hitty to pass them off like they are going to fit without revising the instructions, or revising the guards all the way around. Another nice feature would be if they made a whole new boot around the clutch so crap wouldn't get in the mechanism. I feel the same way about not wanting aluminum bark buster type of guards. I don't make a habit of crashing into trees and $100 for guards seems ridiculous when you just need brush protection.

Sorry that the only help I could offer was to say the guards don't work. :)

I bought the acerbis mx guards also. They DO NOT fit. I don't care what acerbis says, they are not even close. Mine are now cut and crusified to my aluminum hand guards. :)

I've got the Acerbis Pro Rally guards on my WR450. So what did I do wrong?


Yuppers the Acerbis dont fit right and all you got to do is cut that little area away and they will fit good and then they work just fine.Or at least mine do and I've gone and hit alot of branches with them and the strength wasnt weaken that much to the point that you will have to worry.

HERE IS THE TICKET! You've got to buy the Acerbis FLAG handguards. They will fit the WR 450. Here is the catch - the guards cost around $25, but what they don't tell you is that you also have buy a mounting kit (around $11). This is the only way to properly install handguards. I don't think I had to modify them at all.

Good luck, Bud :)

Bob, the Acerbis for all late model Yamahas do work but require a bit of coaxing and some trim work. I just bought a new WR450 and mounted the Acerbis, click on the link and see what you think. I will photo and mail a close up if you want. :)Acerbis hand guards on my WR 450FR Dirtstiff :D

Geez Fugazi, I would have bought a Canadian WR had I known they came with a personalized flag bearer like you got...grrrrlll :)Dirtstiff :D

Just so you guys know, there is no question some acerbis guards will work, it is whether the MX GUARDS will work. AYE CARRUMBA! :)

My MX Guards weren't even close. The angle for the brake hose isn't even close. Also, you have to remove the rubber cover over the clutch adjuster, without it, the adjuster is too loose. I did get them to fit with a bit of trimming though, I cut them down to just the flag portion, drilled some holes in them, and mounted them to the new aluminum guards I bought. :)

I realize that some guys on 01 and 02 WR's have made the MX guards work. This is easier than 03 models due to the e-start clutch engagment switch, which gets directly in the way of the securing bolt.

I had planned on sending the MX guards back, and ordered the Flag MX acerbis guards. Well, I open them and these things will be tougher to get to work than the others. So I said screw it, the new ones are going back, and I'll see what I can do with the MX's to get them on.

On 03's you need to cut off the secondary bolt area that interfers with the clutch/e-start switch. Now the clutch guard will just fold back if you bolt it like this. You need to make a small L-bracket(I made mine from aluminum), drill a hole the size of the clutch bolt, set the L-bracket on top of the handguard when you bolt it in place. The L-bracket will do the work of the old bolt position you cut off, and probably do it better. I also carved enough of the handguard away under the rubber adjustable clutch boot so I could keep the boot on that side. It looks and works perfectly. I also retained the boot on the brake side with a decent amount trimming of the boot. To secure that boot, you need to use a punch to make two clean holes and use a small zip-ty so it will stay put. Someone mentioned the brake line portion not lining up, there is a small bit of play available if you loosen the brake line screw, hold the line up as you tighten the bolt back up. Now the plastic lines up with the brake hose.

I prefer these guards to anything else, and now that I have the initial setup worked out, I can reuse the L-bracket and everything else for the next set of replacement guards. :)


Emgo guards don't fit either. I bought the ones with the metal bar inside the plastic mold. I probaly spent 2 ours with a sledge hammer and a vice. I even had to bore and grind down the mounting brackets. Did I mention retapping the holes? What a pain!

Good luck,


Wow! I just put on some moose gaurds with the plastic pieces. I had to drill and tap 4 holes in each side for the plastic, but they fit perfectly. I was worried because I like to have my clutch purch about 2.5" from the grip and the brake m/c about 2" from the grip. All is fine though. Everything fit perfectly and it was a very easy install. BTW I got the mounting kit for the protapers if it makes any difference. They are really nice and tuff gaurds. :)

Where can I get that Yamaha GYT-r insert thing? How much does it cost? I just picked up my bone stock used 02 WR426 and I am trying to understand how to free mod and/or uncork it.


also, what about the rally pro acerbis guards rather than the $25 mx version? Any thoughts?


I just joined TT, I bought my first bike, a bone stock 02 WR426 and I want to free mod it and put on handgaurds for trail riding. Can you pass along some advice on Acerbis MX plastic gaurds vs. the rally pro wrap around version. Also, do I need to re-jet or put in a YZ cam after I uncork, lift the lid, and change the throttle stop? what specifically do I need to do?


You want handguards, check out the Tusk Dflex. They are sweet, I have em on my 426 and the wife's TTR125. Survived a 20mph head on with a bigass tree Friday...

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