no disks

Wide f#%kin open bro !

no disks

no jetting changes

no master cylinder probs

just bolt it on and go!

You might want to check into that heat tape/wrap that a lot of the Kawi 4-strokers use. That is supposed to help keep the heat from affecting the brake components.

Use your disks for xmas ornaments or earrings for your girlfriend.

The pipe is much lighter without them, and it amplifies the great power off the bottom that the 426 has.

Only problem might be noise.

This Mf’er is loud!

Like a Harley on steroids

I mean really loud, I Love it !

This is the icing on the cake.

My 2-smoke buds are all givin me grief cause they cant hear their bikes when I come up on them in the corners.

Is that too cool or what, Ha Ha Ha !

Another thing, I’m not sure but it just might be my imagination, but my bike seems to start easier too.

Might be that its getting broken in cause its is about a month old now, but it does seem to start easier.

Put that sucker back on Xrman, without the disks, and let me know what u think.




Keep your stick on the ice!

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