Picking up 02 WR426F next week

I haven't ridden in 15 years, and I'm getting back to it this summer. I've been lurking for a couple weeks now and the info I picked up so far is great (thanks). I have a couple of questions left though;

I'm in Canada, and I presume my WR (new) is the canadian model. From what I've read here it sounds like the only tweak it will need is the airbox, is that right? The grey wire, throttle, and exhaust are all set?

Other than that, will 91 octane be alright in a pinch? I can get 94 in the city, but it's rare in cottage country.

Thanks. The first few days should be pretty comical, I was 15 and driving a near-dead XL100, now I'm a slightly more brittle 32 on what sounds to be a bike that's got some real game. :)

Any advice is appreciated!

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