Question about adjustable pilot air screw

I got one of these screws from Sudco and Im putting it in right now.

I want to set it at #55. The chart I have tells me to set it at 3/8 turn.

Does that mean 3/8's of a turn out from fully seated?

I would assume this is the case, but I just want to make sure before I proceed.


Darin :)

Thats the assumption I made and it seems to be working for me.


This may sound stupid but is fully seated with the spring compressed or is fully seated just till the spring gets some tension on it?

I used the same logic for it that I do for the fuel screw.

Turn it down (compress)lightly, and start backing it out.


That's right.

thanks guys. Shes back together and runnin lean! :D:)

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