2007 WR450 oil pump prolems?

Following on from this - Oil level check confusion

I am convinced my bike will not get any oil from the engine to the oil tank. I assume it is not pumping properly or is blocked somewhere.

The bike got water in the oil so i did 2 oil changes until all the water had gone from the oil and another 3 to make sure now this problem has started. Before the bike got wet everything was perfect.

Things I know.

1 The bike has the correct amount of oil in.

2 The bike has a new oil filter.

3 The oil pressure bolt loosening and look for oil weep test works.

4 No matter how much oil i put in the bike it will never register on the dipstick.

Does anyone have any ideas to cure this problem apart from stripping the bike down? Any ideas welcome no matter how small.

Thanks. :excuseme:

I assume you're running the engine before checking the oil?

Yes, I have been checking the oil level exactily the same way as i did before i had the problem and it used to work perfectly.

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