viewed the 2010 450

I got to go to the superx even in Parramatta Sydney and at the pits in front of jay marmonts truck was the new bike, in my opinions they have gone all out compares to past models.

1. looks alot smaller to the riders bikes

2. the front and rear guards have very deep grooves in them

3. the airbox and sideguards sorta look like a 1 piece guard ( looks weird)

other than the bike having fuel injected written on the graphics it looks like the older yz's


I saw that bike your talking about and I think it looked smaller than the race bikes becasue it was on a swingarm/triangle stand and the race bikes were up higher on proper engine case stands.

Personally I dont really like the new looks and prefer the 09 but maybe it will grow on me over time.

There was a circle of 2010 lurkers at my dealership three-people deep. Crazy.

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