oil type

hey guys,

just wondering what oil people are using. Im currently using motul, but one of my mates is using a castrol semi synthetic car oil of the same weight which is 1/4 the price.

anybody using something similar?

thanks people..

Motul 300V in the '09 WR450F, same in the '07 WR250F (although the bike was sold).

Yamalube in the '07 TTR125LE.

I'm not one to use a car oil in a bike. That said, many car/diesel oils like Rotella seem to do just fine in bikes.

motul is a great oil-- I use rotela and change it every other tank of gas. Use a diesel truck oil or motorcycle oil only-- the oil must not contain additives that will harm the clutch plates.

Napa 15w-50 Full Syntheitic. 4 bucks a qt.

rotella t 5-40

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