What to do with metal shavings?

Hey Guys I just recently broke the clutch on my yz400 a piece of it chewed away at the case. There are a LOT of metal shavings in the oil where the clutch was. My question is can i just drain and replace the oil a few times? Do i need to completely dissassemble and clean each part individually? Thanks for any help.

There are hundreds of nooks & crannies inside the engine to catch the metal, hide it out then let it free up & float around. Unfortunately the only real way to get it clean is to pull it down & split the cases. I have heard of people cleanng it up with diesel or kerosene but it is sketchy at best. You didn't say if it is aluminum or ferious metal from the clutch. Don't matter much still need to clean it out.

The metal is from the case itself. Apparently the previous owner of the bike had made a modification to the clutch and that modification chewed on the case. So far i have put 4,000 into the bike for repairs and ridden it about 2 hours. Fun :excuseme: I don't see myself as having the technical abilities to tear it down and split the cases. So thats more shop hours.

Thanks for the help! I hope to get it done for the spring and finally enjoy my first 4 stroke.

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