09 yz450 suspension

just curious what your thoughts are on the 09 450 suspension? are you running stock? modified? what sag? what do u like/dislike about it?

i weigh 210. i rode the 09 today at comp edge and it was so plush and smooth on the small stuff, but could not take a big hit at all (but i need stiffer springs). i also felt like the rear end was kicking up on some stuff. and to hit a hole at speed was almost painfull.

how long do you wait before sending the susp. out to get new springs and revalved? is there some break in period?

6' 1" 185 with all gear and stock suspension works awesome. I'm 30+ novice class leader speed. Sag is 97, fork height stock, fork settings stock, fork internals stock, shock 1/4 turn in on high speed comp dial, 2 clicks in on rebound, low speed comp stock, shock internals stock. stock bars in forward most mount position on top triple, 0 degrees tilt.

I ride mostly track; sandy loam with some hard pack and some silt. track is a bit tight so I went to the 50t rear sprocket and have an MRD full exhaust system. I have also added a HPSD steering damper to help with the steeper fork angle due to the shallow sag setting.

Toss the stock front tire for an MX31 or 51 and replace the rear with an MX51 when needed. This will help cornering a lot. Small problem with loss of edge knobs on MX31 front so I will try MX51 front next.

I would get proper springs right away and leave everything else alone.

Good luck.

I recently upped the spings on my '09. I checked the recommendations at Race Tech and MX Tech, and got different results. So, I decided to contact Factory Connection. They told me that my height & weight (6'4", 225) put me a bit in between spring rates. So, because the bulk of my use is MX, we went a little on the stiff side. FC recommended .50 Fork Springs, and a 6.0 Shock Spring.

I am very happy with that selection. Everything is still plush but it made a major improvement on jump take offs and landings. I've had to play with the clickers a little because of the change but it didn't take long to get it where I wanted it.

The shock is a little light on rebound and will work a lot better if re-valved. The fork valving is ok, I would rec .48 fork springs and 5.6 shock spring.

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