Best sproket set up for sand?

Whats the best sproket set up for sand for a 02 426?

Whats the best sproket set up for sand for a 02 426?

That is the question. When I ride my 2000 YZ426 in sand, I have the same sprocket sizes as at the track. I generally just start in second. I am anxious to see if anyone else posts the optimal sizes.

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I have an 01 426 and I run a 13-49 for everything. Seems to work good on the sand which is usually a little faster than woods and trails.

I hate sand

I hate sand

Sand is some of the best "recreational" riding out there. Yes some like tracks and the woods, but the sand is just a place to try all the stuff that you may not want to on hard pack dirt

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I've been running 14/49 for the sand and then 14/52 for the desert (ocitillo). I love the power with the 14/52 so I bought a 52 for the sand, just havn't given it a shot. My guess is that it's going to be great since I rarely even get close to 5th gear at Glamis, usually 2nd and 3rd, my guess is that the 52 is going to make the lower gears more useable.

Our sand washes are not that long and the hills not that steep and long like some of the ones I rode in Southern California. For my fear factor I can get away with stock or even +1 on back. When we went to out of state sand washes I went 1 up on front.

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