I am looking at 2000 and newer 650r's in different classifieds. In particular, there is a 2001 with little use and all stock. What is a good price for it? Also, What are the differences, if any, from 2000-2003? I believe that the suspension went from Showa to Kayaba's from 2002 to 2003? At what price would it make sense to buy a used one that is in good shape...let's say stock over a new 2003 from motorcycle-brokers in Canada for $5,000? Seem to be solid bikes, yet you never know of an unseen problem in an otherwise very good looking bike...

Thanks so much for any wisdom and experience! Joe :)

Bold New Graphics is the major change between years. 2002 and up was supposed to have the updated clutch bushing and countershaft seal. Very simple to replace in other year models. There weren't any other major changes. I gave 4399.00 OTD for a brand new 2001 last April. A friend of mine bought a used 2001 last August that had barely been ridden for $3800.00 with 2 bike trailer and helmet.

I bought a new 2001 last year for $4495. Check out the dealer in your area for the best deal. That will give you an upper limit on what there worth.

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