Hyde skid plate

Does anyone have experience with these. I am looking for a skid plate for my 08 yz450f. I like how these cover the frame rails back by the pegs. I wonder why none of the aluminum one do that. From my experience the frame rails are vulnerable to rocks as well. I like aluminum because it is tried and true, but the hyde ones look like they offer some advantages if they hold up. I read some reviews and some people say they are great others said they have broke on them. Mostly the mounting area. I have to wonder if the people that say they hold up have never hit a rock with it. I will be hitting some rocks.

I have one on my 09 WR450 it works good in the Rockies so far.

I have their skid plate and swingarm & frame protectors on a '06 YZ450F. I have hit LOTS of rocks in this my 1st season dirt biking the high country. These products have worked very well thus far, sliding easily over logs and rocks, taking a few really hard hits that would otherwise dinged the frame or swingarm, and they are easy to remove for service & cleaning. I don't expect the winter cold to make them brittle.

these skidplates are very tough I dont see how your going to break one but odd things do happen.I've had them on two diferant bikes with no problems,rocks,logs ect.Much quiter than aluminum also and there cheap in the big picture if you decide you dont care for it.

I like my hyde skidplate and frame guard. Fits like a glove!

Cool it sounds like they are tough. Can oil changes be done with the plate on the bike?

On mine theres a hole for the oil to drain. but I have two drain bolts so I just take it off. takes like 20 secs to get off.

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