Taos it is!

We have settled on riding the Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico areas over Memorial Weekend. The plan is to bring both our dirtbikes and the street bikes and do both. That way if we can't find any decent dirtriding, we won't be completely skunked. Probably 2 days in Santa Fe and 2 days in Taos. If anyone can get to that area for that weekend, you are more than welcome to join us.

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If only I had a street bike, well and a license to drive one I would be all over that. I guess for now Ill just stick to the closer colorado trails and hope my arms heals quickly after today's spill. Yep Marty got a boo boo on his new 426. Oh well you only live once.


Marty, I may be going to Rampart on Friday. I was going to go by myself and set up my Helmet Cam but if you can make it, you are welcome to join me. It is best not to ride alone anyway. Probably around 1pm. So how bad did you scrape up the arm or more importantly, any damage to the bike :)

Hey Dougie,

I dont know if it makes any difference in your plans or not, but I responded to your previous post/question about Cloudcroft. Didn't know if you had seen it or not.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Hey Vince, I do appreciate your help. I was leaning on heading down there, but my buddy really wasn't up for the 11 hour drive. I've found more info on the Santa Fe and Taos area for riding that sounds like it will be cool. Plus he wants to do a loop on the street bike that he has had in mind for a while. I do plan to make it down there someday. I would love to check it out. Plus it is so close to the Mexican border.

Hey Dougie,

To bad I wont be getting off of work untill about 6 :) or I would go, I want to head down there real bad and check it out.

As far as the arm goes, its ok, little blood and what not, the pulled muscle in my shoulder hurts more, and as far as the bike, scaped fender, handlebars seem to be fine, left side might be a half inch or so bent buts its ok. I needed new bars anway.

dougie you're a rat bastard.... don't you have a daiper to change?

Wish we could join you but we'll have to pass. Enjoy


Yeah dougie,

I hope to get up toward the Taos/Red River area in July this year. Maybe a combination Jeeping/dirt biking trip.

If you ever do get a hankerin to head down this way, let me know in advance...I'd like to hook up and show you guys around.

It is in the contract, my wife gets a baby, I get two weekend trips a year :)

Absolutely Vince. I'll definately let you know when I will be making it down there.

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