Best Fork Seal Brand

I have searched and been unable to find a very direct answer to this question.


Looking for just the facts on the seal quality and durability and overall life. I'm not a Kool Aid drinker at all, but if they are OEM then their OEM. If aftermarket is the best then please post of some info and background on what you know either way.

Hoping for some replys from people who have tried several brands or even one brand with great luck regardless of riding style.

No I don't think fork seals should be leaking every few months or less then a 1000 miles of Enduro type off road riding.

I have had good results with Moose and MSR. They are, or at least were, Italian-made, and I got long life out of them, far better than the OEM ones.

Pro X are very good. They are the same quality as OEM.


Thanks exactly what I was hoping for! Anyone else? The MOOSE is in the lead.

Moose, MSR, ALL Balls = one and the same

And IMO they are better than OEM.

I'd want to know who makes the seals for all these companies. They certainly aren't making them or even spec'ing how they're made. Probably all made in the same chinese factory by the same 11 yr old chinese kids.

Last time I looked at Moose seals, they were Italian, as I stated earlier.

You might also look into Seal Savers I have not had any more leaky seals since I have used them.

If they work they could be made by monkeys for all I care for this particular part. If I had equalparts and one was made outside of China then I would buy that for sure. For sure will be using Seal Savers for sure, but I need to get them replaced with qaulity before I protect them. The MOOSE is leaving the wolves behind so far. Thanks again everyone.

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