Newbie jetting question? Help please

98 wr400... I just bought it and not sure what was done to it in the past but exhaust is stock now..

pulled carb off and cleaned it but jets seemed a little off..




Bike will start on first kick with choke in but immediatly stalls out...

If I pull the choke out.... it sounds like it has no chance of starting at all

I put in a new plug already.

Is the starter jet to rich and if so, what range does the starter jet effect?

is it only for starting or is it for idle also

ALSO: With the air/ fuel screw turned all the way in and idle screw all the way up it would not idle... IT KEPT STALLING

Any help would be greatly appreciated as im trying to ride on Friday

Got if figured out for now...

drained all the fuel and cleaned the carb again and it started up with the choke and eventually idled with about two turns out

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