Valentino on the YZ450F

WOW, amazing post. Thanks. GOOOOO ROSSSI!

Thank you. That was pretty cool. I would have never seen it since I wouldn't have thought to read through 90 some pages of another "2010 yz450" thread. Or search for VR on a motocross bike.

Thanks for the post, it was cool to see that video. Looks like they were having fun out there.

A good rider is incredible no matter what they're on it seems! Good for VR!

Related sidenote, Damon Bradshaw hopped on a 700cc hillclimbing monster for the first time this summer at the Big Nasty and WON the king of the hill by .1 seconds.

Throttle? Check. Pointed the right way? Check. The rest is taken care of by natural ability and balls of steel.

Thanks for the post! I gotta admit the Europeans definitely have a different riding style than we do here in the States.

May be old news that he did it, but this is a different, much better, video than what is posted in the marathon thread.

very cool video. new news to me!

very cool thnx for posting

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