Fastway Peg info request

I'm thinking about getting a set of Fastway pegs for the 09 WR450, for the following reasons: better grip on the pegs, tilting my knees in the the tank more and any extra peg to bar room I can get.

So my questions are:

1. Has anyone had mounting issues?

2. F6's look cool, but should I look at the other studs?

3. Can I go lower and camber them up to maintain current pedal/shifter height?


I had some mounting issues but it was more of the pin going into the peg. Some use a vise and lube it up a bit.

My shifter was moved down a notch. Maybe two. I forget.

Great pegs. Like riding 2x4's! Still slippery in mud no matter what peg teeth combo I use. I believe the IMS pegs are the most grippy in deep mud.

Great pegs! If you want to run them in the low boy position you'll haved to get the countersunk peg brackets from Fastway or just buy the bolts and countersink the peg brackets yourself like I did. You'll need the countersunk bolts from Fastway if you decide to do it yourself.

The additional 0.75 inch of seat to peg distance is definitely worth the effort if you are 6' or taller.


I got fastways on my 08wr450. I gave up on the low boy mounting after I broke my torq bit. I just couldn't get the brackets off the frame.

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