Motul 5100 clutch drag problem

Having lots of drag and hard shifting problems using Motul 10w30 and 15w45 (I've tried both) on cold climate....

The clutch is in excellent shape, brand new basket, friction and steel discs are in perfect shape.

When in warm climate I have no problems, good shifting, no drag and I can start her in gear.

In cold it's impossible to start in gear, I have drag and the shifting becames hard.

Going to try Yamalube 10w50 as my dealer recommended....

any suggestion??

sorry for the english...


Try a different brand of oil. I use Valvoline Four-Stroke motorcycle oil in 20w50 and I have no trouble.

Well, I just changed oil and used Yamalube 10w50... And I could find neutral with the engine on without problems and have no drag at all, but it was a short ride from my cousins home. I've a long and very technical ride on sunday, and cold weather is forecasted. I will update with my findings then!

Also, here, I can buy only Castrol, Motul or Yamalube. These are my only choices!

Thanks for your input!

How cold does it get?

I used to have this problem using Castrol off the shelf back in the day.

For the past 3 years I have been using Maxima Semi-Syn 10w40 and I do not notice issues anymore in sub freezing temps.

One would think it's just the reduced viscosity when it get's cold and a lighter weight oil would be better but I think the viscosity is more important when the oil is at operating temp:prof:

Was / is the Motul a synthetic? A synthetic or blend might make a difference. I think Yamalube 4R is a synthetic.

Well, I have drag issues when temp is below 15°C and the bike is well ventilated (Fast sectors of the trail)... When the trail becames technical and slow (Causing higher engine temps) the problem dissapears (Always talking about Motul oil). Last sunday we had higher temps, all day over 15°C and I had zero problems, even I could start her in gear without differences with neutral, something impossible with lower temps.

I ride only a few miles after switching to Yamalube 10w50, but I can say that I feel a huge difference, I could find neutral in every stop, and I have zero drag, and we are below 10°C now.

Motul 5100, is semi-syntethic... I tried it in 10w30 and 15w45 and couldn't feel any difference. The Yamalube I'm using now is semi-synt also. I'll tell you after next sunday's ride if I have conclusions about it.

Many thanks,


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