We're rebuilding a YZ426F and we'll be replacing all the o-rings. Is there any cross reference to generic o-rings instead of buying them from a Yamaha dealer? Seems ridiculous to pay $2 or more for a single o-ring when I'm sure they are just standard off-the-shelf o-rings. Same for the bearings. It's difficult to tell what size an o-ring is after it's been used. Does anyone know how to look up the size/material for each of the part numbers?

Support your local dealer. Buy a complete Moose gasket kit. It should have all the gaskets and o-rings you need.

You could cost yourself a lot more trying to cheap out on critical engine parts.

Better to support TT, IMO;


Moose repackages and rebrands most of what it sells, and that makes it difficult from one product or time to another to tell what you're getting. Cometic gasket kits are the real deal, and in some cases, that's what the Moose kits are.

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