09 yz450f and lowering link

So I just picked up a new yz450 and i was wondering if the pro-link lowering link or any other type will work well with this bike. I have been able to ride an 08 kx450 with and without the link and i was surprised on the difference i felt. A friend seems to think that not all bikes need the lowering link the yz to be one of them. Will i notice any difference with link or should i just leave well enough alone. Can anyone clear this up for me. Thanks lets ride

Depends what your needs are. The 1.5 inch lowering link for the 09 may be too much for some especially heavier riders (if you are on the verge of needing a heavier spring with the 09 stock spring you will more than likely need one with an aftermarket link) or really big jumpers. Many expert or faster riders on the 09 have had great luck with a 1 inch or less lowering link; set sag at 100mm and slide the forks up in the clamps approximately 3mm as a starting point and fine tune.

Lowering links are not for everyone, but for some they're a great option especially those looking for a bit more plushness, lower center of gravity, better turning and not so much stinkbugging on the 09.

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