trip reset

Hey guys, am I missing something here? Just bought a new WR450 and I can't reset the trip log on the fly, only in neutral. Is this for real?


You can't be moving to reset the trip.

I just discovererd the same problem on my '08 WR450F. Apparently this is by design.

I just installed the trip remote control on the handle bars, a genuine Yamaha part by the way, but what good is it if you can't change the trip while driving anyway ?

Does anybody know of a mod to remove this protection ? Kind of a problem when driving a rally-raid or Enduro (STOP-RESET-MOVE at each corner ???)

Yea, pretty funky! I was wondering the same thing. I'm doing a 500 mile Dual Sport ride across the desert soon and using a Roll Chart. I cant believe I have to stop at every turn.

I had the whole bike front end adapted with a crossbar on the Protaper bars, roadbook roller from Touratech, GPS holder from touratech and Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX. But I couldn't read the trip anymore. So I built a bracket for the trip on the roadbook holder, with a GYTR billet aluminium casing, the GYTR remote, and made special extension electrical cables...Looked great, worked great, if it wasn't for the damn reset only working when you stop. Now I have to dismantle it all again and look for another trip computer.

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