2000 YZ 426 F Rear Wheel I need one

:bonk: I need a rear wheel for my 200 YZ 426 F...anyone got a line on one? I have been looking on eBay, but it is slim pickins these days.

What other year/model wheels would work? I have been researching the factory hub part numbers...is this all I need to be concerned with thinking about a wheel from say a YZ250F or YZ450F as a replacement for my YZ426F?

Any help would be appreciated. :excuseme:

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As you're probably aware, often times the 250F rim will be a bit narrower than a 426. That'd be my main concern in addition to hub and spacer width.

You'll most definitely want a pre-09 due to the axle size going up I think 3mm in 09.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I'm sure someone else will chime in. Good luck.


PM sent about a wheel

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