2005 wr450f, going black

I am really considering going from blue bike to black.

I found this site: http://www.ufoplasticusa.com/part.php?brand=6&model=69&year=2005

and i can buy almost everything i need.

The only thing that they dont have is rearfender with light, gastank and headlight.....i think.

Rearfender is okay, i can use a YZone and custom make a light under.

Headlight, i belive i could find many types of black headlights around on teh internetzzz.

Gastank, what are my options here? Anyone making carbon fiber gastank that fits?

Is there any parts that i have forgotten now?

I have never seen a carbon fiber gas tank for a WRF, but that doesn't mean one does not exist.

just paint it.



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Haha, thats one badass WR!

i heard something about the gas is "breathing" in the tank, so the paint is coming off...

true or not true?

Thats a good looking bike, any more pics?

just paint it.



yes it can be done!!


Don't paint it if you plan on riding it. the paint will come off with every crash and look like shi!t.

I have yet to see a black bike look good after use.

yes it can be done!!


What year model is that, and where does the seat come from?? :banghead:

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