cycra probend and stock bars?

I am wondering if the probends with the triple clamp mount will interfere with the brake line on a 08 or other years with the stock protaper bars?

I used the side triple clamp mounts with the cycra probends and stock Pro Tapers on my 08.

In order to use the triple clamp mount, the front number plate has to be trimmed to fit around the triple clamp mounts. The front number plate has to be trimmed enough that the plastic wrap that goes around the bar pad is almost cut off. The fit was mediorce ( almost all handguards need some bending to fit properly) and the triple clamp mounts were somewhat bulky. Longer bolts and washers will be needed to use with the side mount ( not included when you buy the side triple clamp mount). The triple clamp mounts don't seem to bother the brake line depending on if you route the brake line above or below the handguard (I chose to route the brake line below the handguards). If you would like I can post a picture of how much the number plate had to be trimmed?

I then purchased an RTT triple clamp/damper assembly that wouldn't work with the triple clamp mounts, because on the RTT clamp the triple clamp fork bolts are behind the forks, where on the stock triple clamp the fork bolts are in front of the forks. RTT offers a top bar clamp/handguard mount, but the cycra handuards aren't long enough to extend to the bar mounts. I ended up making aluminum bars that would extend from the bar mounts to the handguards.

I am happy with the handguards themselves as they have held up great to abuse and haven't changed shape after rather hard hits to the ground.

I would not recommend the cycra triple clamp mounts and would recommend handguard mounts that mount directly to the bar mounts. Mounting to the bar mounts seems like the strongest mounting point and least interference with the brake line, clutch cable, and hot start cable.

Here is an example of bar mounted handguards:

Hope this helps:thumbsup:

I have that setup on my 09, which i think has the same bars as the 08. Mine has the adjustable bar mounts though, and is set at the 2nd from farthest forward. I had to rotate the master cyl. forward a bit, which I dont really mind, to clear the brake line from hitting the guard. Maybe the new Cycras with the u shaped bend near the inner mount would be a better fit, but they work for now.

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