another clearance question?

Hotcams where installed at a dealer and valves were out of spec so they were adjusted. The 30 minute light load break in could not be completed by the dealer due to snow so i completed it. After letting the bike sit all night to allow me to check the clearances again i found exhaust side to be on the tight side at 0.18mm and the intake were in spec but on the tight side of spec at 0.10mm. The temp that i checked at was about 40-45 degrees outside when i checked them, would this alter the reading? Asked the mechanic who worked on my bike if these clearances where ok he said should be find just keep an eye on them for further movement. The cost of putting them in was alto more then i payed for the cams and i don't want to be stuck with another big bill like that. I know that another adjustment would be cheaper than if the motor went crunch on me. What do you guys think i should do?


Yea think i'm going to attempt it watched the video about 5 times so far but get a little nervous that i'm going to mess up the timing and cause the engine to go crunch on me. I know the intake pad numbers installed were 170's on all three and my clearance is 0.10mm should i put 165's in there and put my clearance up to 0.15mm or leave them at 0.10? I only know that one of the exhaust valve shims is 180 and the clearance is 0.18mm so i guess i can install a 175 pad to bring me in spec.

Any extra tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated when i dig into it?

Thanks in advance people

If they're 'in spec', regardless if they are 'on the tight side' or 'on the loose side', they're still in spec and good to go.

Ride on!:excuseme:

If they're 'in spec', regardless if they are 'on the tight side' or 'on the loose side', they're still in spec and good to go.

Ride on!:excuseme:

Exactly. On the tight side is actually better I've been told.

Just watch to see they don't move further.

On my 07 after break in my midd intake valve was right at the tight end of spec. 9000 hard km's (including racing) later and they haven't moved :bonk:

Thanks everyone for the quick responses guess i will only worry about the exhaust valves at 0.18mm. I'm thinking that i will be able to use the pads that were taken out of the intake valves which where 173,174,175. This should put my exhaust right back in spec.


It's pretty easy. But your working area is tight. You got the valve cover off, that's some of the battle. Getting it on can be fun.

Just make sure you don't over torque the cam cap bolts which could cause the cam to seize, then bad.

....and DON'T DROP A SHIM!!!! Stuff a rag in the cam chain cavity. I know....really!

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