Replaced the Crank and is now tight.

I put my new crank assembly in last night replaced the bearing and put the cases back together. Now it is kind of difficult to move the crank. I know that these normally flow pretty freely. Could it be because of lack of oil? Maybe the new bearings need to be worked in? Thanks for the help.

It sounds to me that the crank is not fully seated into the case, I had it happen to me a couple of months ago. Purchased a crank removal/installation tool from rocky mtn mc followed the instructions and everythings fine now.

See if it frees up when you stack the drive gears on the right side end and torque it up. If not, you can try working around the inner race of the left bearing with a punch to walk it onto the crank a little farther. The situation is probably as was just stated; the inner races not quite close enough together yet.

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