Is there a quick way to break in motocross boots?

I got a new pair of Tech 8's and they are so stiff! Is there a way to hurry up this process?

Wear them every day around the house whenever you can. They'll feel better in due time.

i had the same problem with the tech 8s being real stiff at first. i hated them! i would wear my old AXO rc2s when i would ride and the 8s i would wear around the house to break in. now i love em! really comfortable ive only had em a couple of months. you will love em too! :)


Wear them to work :D and make MX noises. ARing-ga Dingy Dingy Ding :)

Soak the boots in water overnight, then go riding the next day wearing the wet boots. Sounds weird but it works great and the boots will be broken in in one day. Try it, it works. :)

Wear 'em! And when your done, hang 'em up. Especially if you use the soak'em theory. I use a stretched out metal hanger. Loop the top buckle from each boot through the hanger and hang them up in the basement. This keeps the boots in the correct shape while they dry so that the ankles don't get all wide and goofy.

Treadmill. :)

I wear mine to bed. Sometimes I make my wife hold a pair of handlebars...................well never mind the rest :D, Tech 8's don't take that long to break in. :)

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