Realistic 426 part out prices

Ive been trying to sell my 01 426 for a while now and havnt had much luck. It seems people in Northern Ontario would rather buy a sled than a sweet bike. So now im playing with the idea of parting the bike out but am wondering what i would actually be able to get $$ wise. The motor runs like a top, and everything else on the bike is in good condition and works well. So I am hoping someone will be able to give me an idea of what I can get for the main parts to help me decide if i want to go down that route. Thanks for you help guys.

take a look on ebay and see what parts are going for.

I have been on there and almost everything is "buy it now". Are those prices normally what is considered acceptable? I figured a grand for my running motor but if I went by e-bay prices i could get much more which makes no sense to me .

When I get done with something, I list it on eBay for $1 and let the bidding war commence. If I only get a dollar, then I get shipping. When the stuff is gone, I'm not bothered with it cluttering my basement anymore.

The last item I listed for $1 sold for $611.

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