GYTR drain plug ya or na

I would like a magnetic drain plug and like sticking with GYTR if possible . What do you think about the billit aluminum one . Just gotta be careful how tight you get it thats all I see as being an isue .Thanks


What I did was to buy bunch of tiny cylindrical, super-powerful Neodymium ("Rare Earth") magnets off eBay and I made my own magnetic drain plugs for all of my bikes and even my car as well.

All I do now is to drill a 1/4" hole in the end of each plug and slip a magnet in.

I was securing them with Araldite initially, but soon realised these magnets are so strong i don't need to glue them in.

The magnets cost about $10 for about 20 of them from memory.

I've been giving them away to my mates so they can make their own magnetic drain plugs too.

Super cheap and they work brilliantly too!


Thanks Greg good idea , I would rather make something like that anyday .

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