TSB 2003-007 wait?

Well I finally got a call from the dealership today. They said my parts are in and I can bring my bike in for the repair. It only took them 4 weeks! Now thats service! It was very nice of them to call on saturday to let me know the parts had just arrived. Those hard working guys at ups are putting in some O.T. I guess, because I Thought they were closed on Saturday. Unfortunately I work until 4:00 and they close at 4:00. They said if I brought the bike in today (sat) that they could do it on monday and they would only have it 3 or 4 days! Wow! I'd like to thank the folks at Hardings Park Cycle in Canton Ohio for their help in getting this resolved in a timely matter. It's a good thing I called with all of the info on the TSB (thanks TTer's), They hadn't even heard about it! :)

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