GYTR AIS removal kit only??

Hi everyone, I believe I have have ready a few hundred threads after purchasing my new to me 2006 WR. It is totally stock and really seems to be a dog compared to my 1999 yzf426. I have read alot about the free mods but was wondering if anyone has been successful with only the GYTR AIS removal mods by themselves using the jets provided and keeping the stock pipe. It seems everyone has done the JD jet kit to make it run right but I do not recall anyone saying they did just the AIS removal kit and suggested free mods and ended up with a good running bike. Just wondering if it is not even worth installing this kit without having the jet kit ready to go. Do not want to be left with a bad running bike for the whole weekend. Thanks

The kit is good value. AIS removal, throttle stop screw and jets for $40 some odd bucks. All the jets are good minus the main and pilot. Just buy a 48 pilot, either your stock 45 or the 48 will be good here. Then maybe a 165 and 168 main and find what works for you. Heeps cheaper than a JD kit. The JD you'e basically paying big bucks for the needle and the GYTR needle works fine :excuseme:

AIS remove adds no performance so skip that and spend the money on rejetting, new sprockets (lower ratios), etc.

Congratts on the new to you 06 , stock form I agree that it's a dog -- Being in Callyforinication--- from what I have read here-- you might want to keep the ais on for show(4 the yogi's) but have it disconnected( plugged inside the tubes ) to get rid of the decal-popping - so that leaves you with needing to get a yz needle/ cut or buy a throttle stop screw and a 48 pilot jet! to start with ($40 ais kit, has what you need). The best mod on the 06 is an after market slip-on pipe( I recommend DR.D s.steel ) or a used 03-05 yz's pipe! money wise? -- other mod's - grey wire and set the AP timing/O-ring mod, open up the air box and relocate the valve head hose that goes to the bottom of the air box, up under the seat or to the top of the air box and tee off the overflow carb vent lines and route them under the set or above the air box also( these are deep water crossing's mod's ).

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Thanks for all the tips, just went riding yesterday and the bike ran great! Although it was laready pretty quick my thought is you can never have enough power. Thanks

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