Why is it that my bike will never ever start with the button when its stone cold.even sometimes when its warm, it will fire right up with the button... then again, sometimes it wont, then when i kick it when its warm,it starts on the first kick. and yes , my battery is fully charged. i'm running a 160 main, 48 pilot,72 starter jet. fuel screw 2 turns out. HELP MEEEEE :)


My bike won't start unless I crack the throttle open 1/4. I know people say not to touch the throttle. BUT. The button doesn't work without it. :D

I'm running 160m,50p,72s, can't remember how many turns. Runs great. :)

:thinking:mmmmmm , thanx adam , i'll try that. i rode up by starvatin lake today with my nephew....mannnnnnnn this bike is sweet. :)

When my bike is cold it doesn't really want to start with the button, but give her a kick and she'll light up.. When the bike's warm I give it a little throttle and push the button..Brrrraaaapppppppppppp............. :)

ever since i got my battery tender charger and charged my battery i haven't even touched the kick starter. cold or hot it starts right up with the button. takes a bit but it works. my starting procedure. twist throttle about 10 times ,hit ignition button, turn choke on , press e-button for a few sec. if it doesn't start pull in the hot start lever, and repeat except for twisting the throttle. i hardly ever have to try the process more than once.

I put the grey wire on a switch. It would not start good with the electric start without the the grey wire hooked up. It sure makes a difference on my sons bike. May only work on this particular bike but did enough testing to know it's not my imagination!!

thought i read somewhere here that the gray wire changes ignition mapping and you woudnt be changing the mapping by flicking the switch back once the engine is running :)

XR600, When its cold, choke on, twist the trottle all the way five or six times before you hit the button then as you're pushing the button turn the trottle just a little 1/8 to 1/4. Works for me everytime.

ThumperWR450f, wow mine is pretty much the same. I love it. I think thers's a stereotype of an E-start bike is a 40+ bike, but all that goes away when you pass them on the track.

My WR450 always starts cold with e-start with the choke on slightly and no trottle. When warm, it usually cranks right up with e-start (but I have used the choke occassionally and then shut it off right after started).

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