WR450 vs. DRZ......drag race

my nephew and i did a little racing on a dirt road today..

his DRZ is stone stock, my WR has all the free mods done...

I GOT BEAT !!!!!!!!! i then pulled out my exhaust plug, and we ran about even. maybe its got something to do with, i weigh about 80 lbs. more than him. :D i thought sure i would have smoked him though. :)

Drag races mean nothing. The 450 will smoke a DRZ in stock trim. Hell they smoke my DRZ with all the mods but not by too much.

I am returning from a race today where I passed many a 450 with slow riders aboard. Then I ended up behind a WR450 with a compitent pilot and we were playing cat and mouse for about 10 miles. I was pulling a good lead, then we hit pavement. I was pushing 70 at rev limiter due to my gearing and the 450 came sneaking by! DAM!!!!! He was geared the same he just had more horsepressure. 450's are sweet motors! :)

The DRZ's are fast bikes..... My buddy Derek has one and we go at it every weekend.... The yellow bikes rip!!!!!!! The 450's have a little more up top, but usually the better rider will pull ahead....

You have to ask yourself how much was speed of the other bike and how much was wheel spin. Too much power and you break the rear end loose and go slower. Most people don't consider that when they drag race. Dirt is different than pavement!!!

My buddy can beat his brothers DRZ400s in a short drag with his WR 250 and stay neck and neck with an another

buddy's DRZ400s.They will smoke him on top end.

a drag race in dirt doesn't mean SQUAT !! My friend has a 300ex 4 wheeler and he beats me in the pit. he just hooks up better than i do. he bragged all day how he whooped me but on the way home when we hit the pavement i got home parked my bike ,changed my clothes,and made a sandwhich before he got back. he walked in and told me to shut up and don't say anything,cause he knew i was gonna say something about whooping his butt. take it to the street that's where you'll know for sure who's bike is faster.

It is very hard for me to believe that a DRZ can beat a WR450. I WALK AWAY from my buddies Yoshi piped DRZ and I have 50#'s on him. Pavement, dirt, trail, sand wash etc...



Sorry guys.....but the bottom line is...I GOT BEAT. :)

AWW cumawn dont cry now...like I tell my daughter....get up shake it off and get back on the BIKE! :)

umm.. o o ok i'll try. :)

You guys crack me up!! :)


Dont forget that 80 lbs difference is huge! I know how to drag race in dirt but 80 lbs! I believe a WR250 would kick most people if the rider weighed 80 lbs less. Why do you think those little guys on their 125's are so freaky fast. :)

Mmmmmmm...maybe i should have just kept quiet about this. :)

The best way to settle this is to switch bikes and race side by side several times and keep switching to see if there is a consistent winner by a comparing the number of bike lengths difference under each rider. :)

Indy.... i was just talking on the phone with my nephew about this, before i read your post, and we agreed.. we should have switched bikes. :)

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