Help! New XR650R

Okay, I really thought of not posting this, but you have all been so helpful in offering advice. Took the bike to the dealer today and felt like a complete idiot.

What was wrong? Don't ride with the choke on! I won't even try to justify why...let the inundation of flames begin! :D

The good news is I have a great running BRP now! :)

:D :D :D :D

Sorry, I couldn't resist! I think we should change your TT Handle to "Choke"! :D:)

Choke :)

It would be well deserved!

You have now graduated to BRP apprentice Level 1.5 :)

You are required to have an Avatar at this level. :D

Glad to hear it was something simple :)

Did you grease the muffler bearings and make sure your tires have summer air? You coulda had some winter air, I heard from the blue boys this could be bad.

:D I went from an old clapped-out XR200 to a new 250 - Had something similar happen... because the choke lever function was REVERSED on the two bikes! Instinctively, I reached down as the bike warmed up, and PUT THE CHOKE ON!


Thanks for not being too mean. :D

Muffler bearings, eh? :) And from a fellow Austinite...

I felt so stupid when they told me what it was, yet I was very relieved that it was something so simple. It runs good now, but once it's uncorked... :D

Hey "Choke", I give you Major Props :) for nutting it up and following through with the thread. As you can see...Us Riders of the Big Red Pig are a good bunch :D

Now...let me tell you how to port and torque those muffler bearings! :D

Thanks Rokatt88! This is a really good forum with great people.

I'm about to get a 2" hole saw and lose the muffler bearings. :)

Hi. Make sure you're not running the bike with the choke on. Even having it in the middle position will cause it run really bad after it's warmed up.

As far as the engine noise goes; uncork the bike! That way, you won't be able to hear the engine noise, and therefore won't be worried about it. The engines are mechanically very noisy, with clacking in the middle rpm's being most obvious under a load. The noise reverberates through the gas tank and aluminum frame like crazy. Also keep in mind that the crankshaft runs in less of an oil bath than previous XR engines (new design) to eliminate a lot of the oil drag on the crankshaft. The magneto also runs dry. These are also factors in causing more noise. It's not a problem. Enjoy your bike!


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