GYT-R Yamaha frame guards look cheesey...But ??

Hey guys, take a look at the plastic frame guards I just put on my WR. They look a little cheesey but I think they will work.For some reason on all the bikes I have ever owned, I seem to wear all the paint and half the metal off the the sides with my boots.. Maybe these no weight plastic guards will help and save my new bikes finish. What do you guys think ???? GYR-T Frame guard # 1 GYR-T Frame guard # 2 :thinking:Thanks, Dirtstiff

The plastic gaurds work ok. Just don't take them off. When you do you'll see the paint is pretty wasted. Just like when you pull out the bedliner in your pickup.

Yamaha paint is very fragile. It's hard to keep your bike looking new. During the season I just wash and ride. Then in the winter I buy new plastic and a can of Yamaha Blue spray paint from PJ-1.

Yamahas are like beautiful women. Higher maintenence. But worth the effort. :)

I use works connection frame guards, and blue skate board grip tape from gaylon's sporting goods, on the frame above the gaurds. looks good so far.

Good call on the beautiful women , Adam. :)

Thanks all, the plastic guards seem to work great. :)Dirtstiff

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