Coolant catch tank for 05 450f

Hello fellas been doing some reading around but cant seem to find what im looking for

i want to add a catch tank so i wont lost all my coolant

i know motion pro has the bottle version but im wondering what year WR's fit on an 05 450? also do they mount under the rear fender?

i know the wr400/yz400 interchange from what i read but cant find any other info


Bumpity bump

have an 06 model wr250f catch tank im looking at buying but not sure of fitment

Let us know how it works out please

I mounted a 05 WR resevoir to my 05 YZ. Not to complicated, it is not a direct bolt on but it will work. I mounted it under the rear fender on the left side. Had to fabricate a bracket to bolt to the subframe then mounted the bottle to that, also had to cut away a small section of the plastic on the fender. I was looking into maybe seeing if a WR subframe would bolt up and it would have the proper mounting holes already but did not go that far.

thanks for the reply

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